Web Site Development, Custom Content Management Systems, SEO, & Hosting Services

Community Connections offers a unique and powerful combination of skills necessary to create a successful commercial web site. We bring:
  • General Skills:  All the technical and graphics experience and expertise necessary to develop, create and launch your web site on the Internet. We have created web sites for all types of businesses - large and small, from Online Billpays and Credit Card Shopping Carts and SSL to small infomational sites. Each is customized to the client's specific needs and image.

  • Technical Layouts:  We support all types of layouts to support what type of website you need to get to your audience. Our IIS Windows Platform and Linux Servers support and array of languages such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, ASP Classic, 3DSmax (3D graphics), AJAX, JavaScript, Flash™. Informational databases held by MySQL and Access™.

  • Custom Content Management Systems:  Nobody will spend time at your site if the content isn't compelling, fresh and interactive. We can share lots of ideas to make your website powerful and easy to update.

  • SEO:  Search Engine Optimization.

  • Hosting Services:  We manage a number of powerful web servers with a variety of operating systems, ensuring your site is available online quickly and consistantly. Of course, virtual domain hosting, email accounts, cgi-programming and more are all available. We also operate a secure server, allowing you to safely collect credit card information from customers online.

  • Samples:  Click here to visit some of our client's web sites.

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